Babymoon. Maternity Pics. 33 Weeks 1 Day

Hello friends. Today I am 33 weeks and 1 day! I had a check-up earlier this week and baby sounds good! It drives me a little crazy that they don’t do ultrasounds, so all I get is the heartbeat on the doppler thing. I can’t wait to see her!

Anyway… Weekend before last Beau and I took a Babymoon to Las Vegas! But before I get to that I wanted to share a few maternity pics from my photo shoot the prior weekend…


I am pretty happy with the way the pictures turned out. There’s a whole bunch more but these are just a few of my favorites 🙂

Anyway… Las Vegas….


So we were wanting to take a short vacation before the baby arrives and were having trouble settling on a place. First of all, I didn’t want to take a lot of time off work because I need those hours for my maternity leave. But I wanted to go somewhere warmer and somewhat relaxing. I know Las Vegas is probably not what comes to mind when people think of relaxing vacations, but I have been there multiple times before, so there’d be no motivation to try and do too much (like there would be in a new city I’d never been to). So we settled on Las Vegas for three main reasons:

  • It is close enough that we could drive
  • We’ve been there before
  • I could treat myself to a massage at one of the fancy spas in the casinos on the strip (Which was soooo nice. I highly recommend Qua Spa at Ceasar’s Palace!)


The drawbacks were:

  • I can’t drink alcohol (which is readily available everywhere in Vegas!)
  • they allow smoking indoors on the casino floors.

Otherwise it was a really nice getaway where we ate delicious food and wandered around looking at the various attractions, and got plenty of sleep.


My sleep has continued to be erratic, and I haven’t really found a great solution for it. I am just hoping that somehow my body will know when I am about to go into labor and will give me a couple of nights of really good sleep before I pop!

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and I participated by going to the rally at my state capitol building… I am a bit too sleep deprived to write a blog post about it yet, but I expect I will have some thoughts together by next week. Have a great weekend everyone!


Did anyone else take a babymoon? Where did you go? 


6 thoughts on “Babymoon. Maternity Pics. 33 Weeks 1 Day”

  1. I’ve never taken a baby moon but I feel like this one maybe we should! Third and last baby so a few days away would be good I think….. now to convince my home body hubby! Where did you stay? Best/most affordable hotel in Vegas in your opinion?

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    1. We stayed at the Paris Hotel and it was pretty nice. If you look around online you can usually find a good deal on a room on the strip – which is always more convenient than staying off the strip. Things are further spread out than you might think so having a car isn’t a bad thing if you can, but it certainly isn’t necessary if you are staying on the strip. If you can get a car (or drive) it is cheaper to stay off the strip and I’ve stayed at The Orleans which is pretty nice and just across the freeway from the strip. Parking at all of the casinos is free so you don’t have to worry about that if you have a car and want to take it around to the different places. The thing with Vegas, if you’ve never been there, is there can be a lot of walking involved if you want to explore all of the casinos and their various attractions. This can be harder and quite exhausting while pregnant! But if you go when the weather is nice and warm you can spend plenty of time relaxing by the pool (every casino has one, but they are all outdoors so its a no-go if the weather is chilly).

      I hope that all helps! Let me know if/where you end up going!


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