August 2016

I forgot to mention that before I had the laparoscopy, I met with a Naturopath. Like I’ve mentioned previously, I am not one to wait around for things to happen. I wanted to meet with someone who may have alternate insights and suggestions about infertility. She asked me lots and lots of questions and really took her time getting to know me and my medical history. I really appreciated that. One thing that came up that I hadn’t really thought about was that a couple years back I was diagnosed with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). Getting to that diagnosis is a long story for another day. All I will say is that, at the time, I was pretty done with doctors and tests. So when I got the diagnosis I was somewhat relieved to have some answer to my odd symptoms and did the treatment (which was a round of heavy duty antibiotics) and never looked back. I never did any follow up to be sure that this had cleared up and I was done with it.

So the Naturopath suggested I get re-tested for that just to be sure I wasn’t still dealing with it and then we’d go from there. Well, I was a little caught up with my surgery and just wanted to do one thing at a time. So I waited until after the laparoscopy and then scheduled my SIBO test for a month later, August 22nd.

I didn’t give it much thought because I was super busy the beginning of August. I was finishing up my awesome vacation back east to Charleston, and then when we returned we spent a  long weekend at a nearby lake with Beau’s family. Lot’s of R and R.

The week after we finished our lake trip was my birthday week. We didn’t do a big party that week because another one of my friend’s with an August birthday was already having a big bash and I didn’t want to conflict with hers. Which was nice to not have to plan for a bunch of people over to our house or anything big. On my actual birthday Beau and I just went out to dinner and drinks and it was perfect.

Then the weekend rolled around and I knew Saturday night would be full of drinking for my friend’s party, Sunday was recovery day and Monday I had my SIBO test. It occurred to me that I could be pregnant. And if I was, then I wouldn’t be able to take the standard treatment for SIBO if I tested positive, since most antibiotics are a no-no when preggers. I planned to take a test Sunday morning (yes, after my night drinking with friends for birthday celebrations).

So Sunday morning(ish) I woke up and took a test, just like I had done on many other occasions over the last year. I was tired and groggy from the night of drinking, and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  Could it be true? Two little lines? Was I REALLY PREGNANT?!?!

I didn’t believe it. I had to go and get Beau. I must have had a look on my face. He asked if I tested, and I said yes. And he asked what it said and I said “I don’t know. I think I might be pregnant. It’s too early in the morning… I can’t tell if I am reading it right. Will you come and look.” He looked. “Oh my God, I think you’re pregnant babe!” was his response. I was a bit in shock, he was ecstatic. I really didn’t think it would happen so soon after the surgery! After all, during my “fertile time” that month I didn’t feel fully healed from the surgery. So many emotions were flooding me I didn’t know what to think. I was happy, scared, nervous, excited, confused. Amazed. This was the beginning of our greatest journey. We officially were transitioned from the TTC part of our journey to the Pregnancy part of our journey!



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