The Journey Begins

Our journey begins back in July of 2015. This is the month that we officially begin “trying to conceive” (TTC) (For a quick reference of our TTC timeline, there is a link on the main page, or you can click here).

This was two months after our 9 year wedding anniversary. YES, we were married for NINE YEARS before we started trying to get pregnant. I realize that sounds insane to some, but we married fairly young and I don’t regret that time we had with just the two of us. This was also two months after Beau turned 34 and one month before I turned 31. The time was right….or so we thought.

Prior to officially starting our journey, we took a nice “last hurrah” vacation to Europe (our first time there) in March. As soon as we got home we stopped “preventing” pregnancy but hadn’t officially started “trying” yet. Our method of prevention was the withdrawal method, so many may think we were playing with fire for years anyway, but as it turns out we may have not even needed to do that.

So by July, when I hadn’t spontaneously become pregnant, I started charting more closely. I had been keeping track of my cycles for years because I wasn’t on birth control to prevent my period and so I wanted to know when I could expect it to show up. It was a fairly normal, consistent cycle. So we started timing our intercourse to when I was supposedly ovulating to give ourselves the best chance.

I was so hopeful that first month of trying. I didn’t know anyone in either of our families that had any trouble with conception and was sure it would happen on the first real try. My mother got pregnant with me when she was 30 years old, and her mother got pregnant with her when she was 42! My half sister has two boys that were both “surprises” and to my knowledge there were no problems conceiving with any other female aunts or cousins. So when it didn’t happen right away, I admittedly was a bit surprised.


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